Learn about Quakers

Quakers have no theology, no written creed, no sacred books, no preachers, no sacraments. In a Quaker meeting we have no priests or ministers nor a liturgy.

At the heart of our faith is the spirit of God as understood by you personally, (others may use words like ‘Truth’, ‘the Light Within’, the ‘Divine’) and which is present in every person from any background, culture or faith.

During our meetings we sit in silence.  Maybe you may be moved to offer your  personal ministry guided the Light within you. Ministry is typically very short and is offered for everyone to contemplate. Others may add their ministry, not as a conversation but as their own personal insight.

You will hopefully find peace and quiet and love; friendship and fellowship and sharing; a time for listening to God’s message, and sharing it with others


Every person at a Quaker Meeting will have their own individual interpretation of what being a Quaker means. There are probably as many views of what constitutes Quakerism as there are Quakers. So here are a few perspectives:

From the Young Quakers What makes a Quaker a Quaker

From Quaker Speak What to expect in a Quaker Meeting